Friday, January 1, 2010


Of all of the things that I am able to do, making people laugh or at least smile and forget the rest of the problems of the world for a couple of minutes. So with that in mind, I promise to use this site to promote good feelings to all that come here to have their burdens lifted.

Now, please explain to me why straight men and gay women are so turned on by looking at a woman's butt? The action is around the corner and if you even touch back there you are out of the picture. Why do gay men get so turned on by looking at a picture that says "this is a straight man". Does he look any better because he's (?) straight? Looks the same to me. Are bi-bisexuals the ones who pay for it or collect for it and wouldn't that be buy-sexual? I'm very confused these days, sex used to be so easy and fun now there's too much to think about.

If you have a favorite joke that you would like to share with others, this could be the spot to do it. Send them to me at and I can load them up here and I will add ones that I have collected over the years as well. Let's get the whole world laughing.

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  1. Oh Mikey, I love your jokes. Really needed them today! Thanks for sharing.