Thursday, January 7, 2010


Little Betty was walking the sidewalk with her dog in tow when she came upon two nuns. The first nun complimented Betty on her hair and Betty told her that her mom had just fixed it so she could go to Bobby's birthday party. Then the second nun complimented her on her dress and she said that it was new, just to wear to Bobby's party.
The first nun told her that her dog was cute and seemed well behaved. Betty told them that his name was Porky. The second nun wanted to know if he was named that because he was so fat but Betty told her no, it was because he screwed pigs.
Mary had a little lamb
She tied him to the heater
And every time he turned around
He burned his little nose. (Bet you though I was going to say peter
Red Riding hood was walking threw the woods and the big bad wolf jumped out from behind a bush and told her he was going to rape her. She opened her basket and pulled out a snub nose 38 and told him, "No your not, you're going eat me just like it says in the book."
The real story of the three bears is that one of them married a giraffe, the other two put him up to it. Think about it.

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